The Technology

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Our solution to the challenge starts with the 3Bot, which has been invented and developed by 
TF Tech NV, and repurposed for INID's solution.

The InBot is a decentralized identity management system that uses blockchain technology to make sure people exists only once, and information is well protected, secure, private and access control well defined. It has its own blockchain database and an integrated wallet that is compatible with both digital and fiat currencies. The system can’t be abused; The information will be owned by the user, thus empowering the refugees. The 3Bot supports ACL (Access Control Lists), which means who has access to what & when, as well as multisignature function.

No hacking surface and ultra-resilient data management

Doesn't require people to operate which allows it to be deployed everywhere and reduces costs


Can be distributed everywhere and have unlimited users

Up to 10x power savings. It's sustainable and green.

An example of what the curent 3Bot loging app can do today:

The value INID will have for a refugee is that this digital id will be portable, can be used for KYC in other institutions, is compliant with local and international regulations (GDPR & ID2020), is interoperable, gives them control and will save them time & money

Just Two Components.

Simplicity is key: a self-driving IT solution that works like cells in the human body


InBots, the cells

InBots are like cells: self-healing and performing specific functions to help regulate & maintain the functions of the global information system. All intelligence & info is here, like DNA.


InNodes, where the cells live 

InNodes deliver the required energy for the InBots to function.
A InNode has no state it just provides low level resources (storage and compute) to the grid for the Inbots the use.


With the traditional approach scalability has been the biggest challenge.


The layers of complexity and human intervention needed simply makes it impossible to scale quickly, safely and in a cost-effective manner.


With the self-driving approach, where all tasks are done by the 3bots (that work 24/7), complexity is non-existent.


We can scale in all directions without having to make compromises due to cost, security or It experts.

Data is the most valuable asset of the digital economy.
Our technology enables data to be protected and kept safe, and at the same time, accessible,
in a secure and scalable way.

Data is stored in such a way that no location has enough physical data available to allow a hacker to reconstruct the original data and is distributed in such a way that it's impossible ever to lose data. 

This system is the ideal basis for an Identity Management system and can provide the most secure, private, verified identity management & authorization system. Custom complementary digital currencies can be created to support the delivery of support to communities like refugees or other people in need. The system has been designed to work in collaboration with local authorities and support organizations.