The Problem

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9 years into the Syrian Crisis, over 3.5 million Syrians have sought refuge in Turkey.

Turkey hosts the largest refugee population in the world. There are many challenges refugees, host countries, and developmental agencies and support groups face today; Proper identification of refugees, their needs and optimal allocation of resources is one of the most critical ones.

INID's digital Identification platform can create critical value for the sustainability of existing and future missions to reach and help Syrian refugees living in Turkey. And, hopefully, to be an example of the use of technology for humanitarian purposes across nations.

Some data from the UNHCR


Million people

Are displaced and vulnerable around the world.


Million Syrians

Live in Turkey under Temporary Protection.


USD Billion

Turkey spent USD30billion since 2011 on the refugee program.

Eu allocated Euro 3.5 billion for the program, 1.8m of which is disbursed. Other aid organizations also contributed, which gives an overall idea of the cost associated over the past 9 years. 

Since 2014 Turkey has been hosting the highest number of refugees in the world, of whom nearly 96% live within host communities. During 2018, the overall population of Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey remained stable, with a net increase of around 10%. As of April 2019, the total number of Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey is 3.6 million. As Turkey also hosts over 370,000 refugees and asylum seekers of other nationalities, nearly four million people are benefitting from Turkey’s protection.