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- Inclusive ID -

 A responsible Digital ID Platform that empower vulnerable communities
and their ecosystems

There are more than a billion people who do not exist in the current economic system. With our technology, we give everyone equal capabilities to become a truly global digital citizen


“Having an identity is a basic human right. And remember: many of these people, all their life, did not have a proper identification. So, for them, it’s also an incredible step into a more dignified life.”

- UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi. 


The Problem

There are many challenges refugees, host countries, and developmental agencies and support groups face today; Proper identification of refugees, their needs and optimal allocation of resources is one of the most critical aspects.


The Solution

An Integrated Digital ID Platform to help to coordinate all aid efforts, keep track of the usage of aid, measure the impact, allocate the resources according to the most needed areas of aid, and pave the way to further improvements.

INID explained at the SDGia Pitch Day

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